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You Can't See Me
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Product Description

You Can’t See Me is a Chinese-English bilingual picture book jointly

painted and written by Chinese and foreign authors. It tells the story

of Wiffle’s first arrival in a strange environment and the process of

integration with the community and others. Through the game of hideand-

seek, it reflects Wiffle’s initial hiding, maladjustment as well as final

integration and happiness. The visual language of the picture is rich, and

the typical Chinese symbols and elements such as dragons, kites and

stone lions are skillfully used. Through the ingenious design of pictures,

the picture book guides young readers to find out the girl hidden in

the book, which is very interesting to read. The rhythmic sentence

patterns and the concise and idiomatic language enable children to

feel the different charm of Chinese and English. Imaginative stories

and interesting interactions arouse children’s curiosity, increase their

concentration and cultivate their abilities to fit into a new environment.

About the Author
Zhang Ying, mother of two mixed-race babies, has worked as an illustrator, graphic designer, and art teacher for teenagers. She hopes to help young readers develop and improve their aesthetic taste and artistic ability through her own picture books.Simon Golding, father of two mixed-race babies, Bachelor of Arts and Master of Psychology, has engaged in education consulting and children's education after graduation. He is an authentic China Hand and hopes to help his young readers understand themselves and integrate into the world through stories created by himself.