Books of FLTRP Selected into the Collections of Well-known Overseas Libraries

On May 22, 2022, it was learned that Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture Volume I, Globalization and Cultural Self-awareness, Has Man a Future? and Business Chinese 101, co-published by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press and Royal Collins Publishing Group Inc. , were selected into the collections of well-known overseas libraries. Overseas library collection has become an internationally recognized index of publishing influence in the industry. Being able to enter relevant overseas library collections is not only an affirmation of the international influence of books, but also a comprehensive proving of the publishing house's project planning, overseas publication and international dissemination ability.


Among those selected books, Key concepts in Chinese thought and culture Volume I was selected into the collections of the National Library Board Singapore and San Francisco Public Library. As one of the achievements of the "Key concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture project", Key concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture Volume I contains 300 concepts, which objectively and accurately interprets the characteristics of Chinese traditional culture and national way of thinking in concise language, reflects China's core values, and it is also a key for overseas readers to understand China and the spiritual world of Chinese people. Till now, different language versions of Key concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture have been published in more than 20 countries and regions.


Globalization and Cultural Self-awareness was selected into the collection of Fort Bend County Library in the United States. This book is a record of the thoughts of the famous sociologist, Mr. Fei Xiaotong in his later years. The work contains his relevant papers, speeches and dialogues from the early 1990s to the early 21st century. Under the background that the conflict and reconciliation of global civilizations have become a world problem, Fei Xiaotong's thought of "cultural consciousness" is not only conducive to the international community's understanding of Chinese excellent traditional culture, but also provides enlightenment for the symbiosis and coexistence of multiple civilizations in the world, and provides a path to achieve the ideal picture of " Achieving one's own goal yields gratification, lending a hand to consummate others' goal doubles satisfaction. Goals of self and others can be unified, thus the world can be harmonized. "


Has Man a Future? was selected into the collection of San Francisco Public Library. This book is based on the recording of Mr. Liang Shuming's conversation with professor Guy Salvatore Alitto of the United States in 1980. During the conversation, Liang Shuming discussed the cultural characteristics and representatives of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, involving many political and cultural celebrities, and reviewed his important activities in his life. This book is an important reference for understanding and studying Mr. Liang Shuming's thoughts and activities and modern Chinese social life.


Business Chinese 101 was selected into the collections of North Richland Hills Public Library, (Link) South Central Library System, Cook Memorial Public Library, Los Angeles Public Library and San Diego Public Library. This book is composed of 10 theme units such as "Business Communication" and "Business Negotiation", which can help Chinese learners acquire expressions that are frequently used in business occasions, in order to fully understand Chinese business culture and achieve effective cross-cultural business communication.

The overseas libraries which have selected these 4 books include one national library, the National Library of Singapore and seven American public libraries, among which, the public libraries of San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego are the top 20 public libraries in the United States, serving millions of local people.

Royal Collins Publishing Group Inc., which has established cooperation with FLTRP from 2018, was founded in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2012. In the past ten years, it has become a multinational publishing and distribution company with branches or partners in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India and other countries, and ranks among the top in the market share and market ranking of China themed publications in North America. In the past five years, Royal Collins has been licensed with the copyright by FLTRP and published the multilingual edition of the following products in the international market: the English, Hindi and Urdu versions of Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture, Volume I, Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture, Volume II, English version of Globalization and Cultural Self-awareness, Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and Chinese culture, A Paradise Lost: The Imperial Garden Yuanming Yuan and History of Zen in China, etc.

Relying on our multilingual translation and publishing capabilities and long-term accumulation of rich international cooperation resources, FLTRP has been on its pace of "going global" from copyright export to co-publishing, and overseas localized operation and development. In the future, we will continue to maintain open-minded, explore new cooperation modes with our partners, promote more high-quality books and cultural products for the international market, enhance the international influence of China's publication and make more contributions to the international dissemination of Chinese culture.