FLTRP and CUP&A Celebrated 10th Anniversary of Strategic Partnership

On June 20, 2023, FLTRP and CUP&A (Cambridge University Press & Assessment) celebrated their 10th Anniversary of Strategic Partnership in Beijing. Wang Fang, Secretary of the CPC Committee of FLTRP Group, Chair of the Board of FLTRP Group, President of FLTRP, Zhang Siying, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of FLTRP, Paul Colbert, Deputy Managing Director, Commercial Director, English, CUP&A, Christy Yuan, Commercial Director, English, Greater China, CUP&A, and Jess Zhou, Head of Learning Solutions, English, Greater China, CUP&A attended the celebration. A special guest, Liu Lin, President of the China Association for Non-Government Education, and Chairman of the National Expert Committee on the Regulations of Extra-curricular Training, was also invited to the event.

Ms. Wang Fang expressed during the celebration that CUP&A has been one of FLTRP's earliest and closest partners. The key words for their strategic partnership are "trust", "professionalism", "innovation" and "leadership". Especially over the past 10 years, the parties have been consistently providing high-quality products and educational services to the customers, continuously innovating their cooperative approaches, and leading cultural exchanges in publishing between China and the UK. In future, they will continue leveraging their content advantages, connecting various resources, and further expanding the breadth and depth of strategic cooperation in areas such as English language learning & teaching, examination assessment, digital platform construction, etc.

Mr. Paul Colbert said in his speech that CUP&A has worked hand in hand with FLTRP for many years, together seizing opportunities and embracing challenges. The launch of Kid’s Box 2e Smart Edition is a joint effort by both parties to develop print products equipped with digital resouces with highest standards. On this foundation, both parties will continue to deepen product research and development, and enhance diverse digital cooperation, in order to provide better and cutting-edge educational resources and services to a wider user base.

Mr. Liu Lin congratulated FLTRP and CUP&A on their 10th anniversary of strategic partnership. He expressed that the series of products co-published by the parties have opened a window for readers to understand the world. The future prospects of cooperation between them are vast, and he hoped that they can create more excellent products with a global perspective, providing readers with better services and experiences.

During the event, a signing ceremony for Kid’s Box 2e Smart Edition was held. Ms. Wang Fang also presented Mr. Paul Colbert with a commemorative medal in honor of their 10 years of strategic partnership, expressing gratitude for the long-standing and fruitful cooperation between them.

FLTRP and CUP&A have been collaborating for nearly 30 years, and the series of high-quality educational products they co-developed have benefited English educators and learners extensively. After establishing strategic partnership in 2013, both parties have further consolidated their friendship and deepened their cooperation, achieving fruitful results in the fields of product research and development, as well as examination and assessment. The signing of Kid’s Box 2e Smart Edition is another breakthrough in response to the digital education transformation and market trends. This smart edition is complemented by a rich set of online digital resources, providing learners with personalized, all-in-one home learning solutions and delivering a brand-new smart learning experience.