FLTRP Achieves Multiple Signings for the “Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture” Series at BIBF

On June 17, 2023, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) hosted the event of “The Communication of Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture in Belt and Road Countries” at the 29th Beijing International Book Fair. The event was attended by representatives from publishing institutions of Belt and Road countries, including Mr. Bassam Chebaro (President of Arab Scientific Publishers Inc.), Ms. Lina Chebaro (Editor-in-Chief of Arab Scientific Publishers Inc.), Mr. Adam Marszałek (President of Marszałek Publishing Group), Mr. Kiran Gautam (President of Current Publication Pvt. Ltd.), and Mr. Deniz Kizilcec (General Manager of Canut International Press). Also present were Ms. Zhang Siying (Deputy Editor-in-Chief of FLTRP) and Dr. Li Yinan (Associate Professor, Director of Polish Department of School of European Languages and Cultures, Beijing Foreign Studies University).

Speech by Ms. Zhang Siying

Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture Project (“Key Concepts”) is a major cultural enterprise organized by the Ministry of Education and the State Language Commission of China, with FLTRP serving as the secretariat. Up to now, “Key Concepts” series have been successively licensed and translated into 38 languages, of which 70% are of Belt and Road origins. Ms. Zhang Siying said that since 2013, the year when China first proposed the B&R Initiative, significant results have been achieved in various fields, from ideas to actions, vision to reality.


Due to historical and cultural factors, countries along the Belt and Road have different levels of understanding and awareness of Chinese thought and culture. The publication and distribution of “Key Concepts” series in many foreign languages have contributed to cultural understanding and promoted mutual learning between China and the relevant countries.

Speech by Mr. Kiran Gautam

Mr. Kiran Gautam, President of Current Publication Pvt. Ltd. from Nepal, is a huge fan of Chinese culture. He highly praised the Chinese philosophical ideas and values conveyed by “Key Concepts” series. The Nepali edition of Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture (Volumes 1-7) has been sold more than 5,000 copies, an impressive number given the size of the local market, which demonstrates the Nepalese readers’ enthusiasm for Chinese culture. As the pandemic recedes, an increasing number of Chinese language teaching centers and training schools are being established in Nepal, leading to a new wave of cultural exchanges between China and Nepal. Mr. Gautam hopes to cooperate more closely with FLTRP in the near future to publish excellent books that showcase the value of Chinese culture, and to explore more collaboration models.

Speech by Mr. Bassam Chebaro  

Mr. Bassam Chebaro, President of Arab Scientific Publishers Inc. from Lebanon, stated that with the increasing communication between China and countries along the Belt and Road, the cooperation between China and Arab countries, including Lebanon, in various fields such as economy, culture, and education, has become closer. The Arabic edition of “Key Concepts” series has gained widespread attention and influence, opening a window for local readers to understand Chinese spirit and culture. Mr. Chebaro believes that after the pandemic, Lebanon’s publishing industry is witnessing a gradual recovery and he hopes to engage in more collaborations with Chinese publishing institutions, including FLTRP, to learn from China’s development experience through cultural exchanges.

Speech by Mr. Adam Marszałek

Mr. Adam Marszałe, President of Marszałek Publishing Group from Poland, mentioned that “Key Concepts” series provide a clear and accessible introduction to the essence of traditional Chinese culture. Since their launch in Poland, they have been widely loved by local readers, with a total sale of more than 7,000 copies. Mr. Marszałek expressed that the B&R Initiative has strengthened the exchange and mutual learning between different countries and cultures, promoting economic development of the countries involved, and holding significant importance for China and the world as a whole. That is why in 2017 Marszałek Publishing Group joined the B&R Academic Publishing Alliance, and one year later China CEEC Publishing Association. Publishing cooperation promotes mutual understanding between the peoples of China and Poland, and there is an expectation for more excellent Chinese books to enter the Polish market.


At the event, FLTRP signed agreements with Arab Scientific Publishers Inc., Marszałek Publishing Group, Current Publication Pvt. Ltd., and Canut International Press for the publication of Key Concepts in Traditional Chinese Medicine I-II (Arabic version), Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture X-XI (Polish version), Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture XII (Nepali version), and Conservation of the Historic City of Beijing: Key Terms (Turkish version) respectively. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the B&R Initiative, this collective signing event holds significant importance in further promoting the communication of “Key Concepts” series in B&R countries. Following the signing ceremony was a talent show, international student from Morocco and Chinese student studying Arabic recited excerpts of “Key Concepts” and poetry about 24 solar terms in both Chinese and Arabic languages.


Kirmizi Elma Yayin Dagitim Organizasyon from Turkey, Makedonika Litera from Macedonia, The Ideea Europeana Publishing from Romania, and other partners who were unable to attend the event also sent their blessings through videos, expressing their willingness to strengthen cooperation with FLTRP and publish more “Key Concepts” books and books about China.