Pearson and FLTRP Held Meeting on Digital Publishing

On October 25th, Joe Lam, Executive Director of English Language Learning at Pearson Great China, visited Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) and held talks with Wang Fang, Secretary of the CPC Committee of FLTRP Group, Chair of the Board of FLTRP Group and President of FLTRP.

President Wang Fang introduced the business development of FLTRP in the 2023 fiscal year, as well as its two major development strategies: digitalization and internationalization. Using the "New Concept English Smart Edition" as an example, she explained the digital transformation path and achievements of FLTRP's core intellectual property (IP). Wang Fang stated that digital transformation is an important carrier and direction for educational transformation worldwide, and FLTRP is accelerating the digitalization process of mutual empowerment, integration, and coexistence between online and offline platforms. This year marks the 40th anniversary of FLTRP's international cooperation, with Pearson being a strategic partner of FLTRP. FLTRP looks forward to continuously improving the level of digital cooperation with Pearson, expanding the dimensions of digital cooperation, innovating digital cooperation models, jointly addressing challenges of the era, and sharing development opportunities, thus making continuous contributions to the Chinese English learning market and Sino-British cultural exchange.

Joe Lam expressed that Pearson headquarter attaches great importance to the Chinese market and cooperation with FLTRP. FLTRP is one of Pearson's earliest and most important partners in the Chinese market, and the cooperation between the two parties remains strong. Faced with new developments and changes in the publishing and education industry, both sides should further expand their cooperation in areas such as digital transformation, vocational education, assessment services, and sales channels. Joe agrees with FLTRP's digital development strategy and believes that the application of digital technology and artificial intelligence is the trend in the industry. After years of efforts, 80% of Pearson's global revenue is now related to digital business, demonstrating the effectiveness of their digital-first strategy. Pearson China is also developing a digital education service ecosystem based on the Longman app, combining professional assessments. They hope to learn from FLTRP in terms of digital transformation and vice versa.

During the meeting, both parties reached multiple agreements on the development of smart edition textbooks for important projects and cooperation on digital resources. This will further enhance the level of cooperation between the two parties in the digital field and provide high-quality educational resources and learning experiences for English learners.

On the same day, President Wang Fang was invited to attend the Pearson China Night event in 2023 and delivered a speech. In her speech, President Wang Fang reviewed the collaboration between FLTRP and Pearson and shared successful cases of digital cooperation based on FLTRP's digital development strategy. President Wang Fang expressed that FLTRP and Pearson have surpassed a simple commercial partnership and established a deep mutual trust and friendship, which has been the foundation of their past successful collaboration and will undoubtedly drive even greater development in their future cooperation.