Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) cooperated with the Taylor & Francis Group

On April 25, 2024, Jeremy North, the President of Global Book Business at Taylor & Francis Group, and Sun Lian, the Director of Global Editorial Department for China Business, visited Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP). Wang Fang, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman, and President of FLTRP, met with Jeremy North and his team. Zhang Siying and Peng Donglin, Deputy Editors-in-Chief of FLTRP, along with the responsible persons for academic publication, discussed specific project cooperation with the visitors.

During the meeting, President Wang Fang stated that Taylor & Francis Group is an important partner of FLTRP. In recent years, both parties have intensified their cooperation, launching a series of collaborative publishing projects represented by the "Frontiers in Foreign Language Core Topics Research Library" (KT Library), contributing to the international dissemination of Chinese foreign language academic research results and the construction of Chinese academic discourse. She expressed the hope that both sides would expand the fields of academic publishing cooperation and empower the international dissemination of academic products through digital means.

President Jeremy North expressed admiration for the achievements FLTRP has made in the Chinese education publishing market and was pleased to collaborate with FLTRP to promote high-quality content created by Chinese scholars. He hoped to jointly plan more high-quality academic topics with FLTRP to facilitate exchanges between the Chinese academic community and the international academic community.

During the discussions, both parties reviewed their fruitful and friendly history of cooperation and focused particularly on the collaboration for the KT Library project. As one of FLTRP's recently launched academic book series in the fields of linguistics, applied linguistics, translation studies, foreign literature, and cross-cultural studies, the KT Library selects over 100 core topics to deeply explore the research context, methods, and cutting-edge results of each topic both domestically and internationally, while also forecasting future research trends. It provides foreign language scholars with essential reading for conducting research on core topics, aiding in the development of a Chinese academic discourse system and presenting Chinese perspectives and viewpoints. Last year, at the Beijing International Book Fair, FLTRP and Taylor & Francis Group signed contracts for the first six books of the KT Library. In this meeting, both sides decided to further expand the scale of this series' cooperation, aiming to make it a key product for foreign language disciplinary research in the international market.