China-CEEC Publishing Cooperation Exhibition Opens in Ningbo


On May 24, the Inaugural Ceremony for China-CEEC Publishing Cooperation Exhibition took place at Ningbo Library, Zhejiang. More than 100 attendees, including national coordinators, ambassadors and diplomats from CEECs, representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, officials from Ningbo Municipal Government, and professionals from publishing and academic circles, participated in the event.

The China-CEEC Publishing Cooperation Exhibition, hosted by the China-CEEC Publishing Association, showcased over 400 high-quality books published in recent years, covering a wide range of genres and topics, spanning literature, culture, history, science and technology, education, academic works, children’s books, and more. It serves as a significant manifestation of the achievements in cultural exchange between China and CEECs through publishing.




Ms. Wang Fang, President of the China-CEEC Publishing Association, Chair of the Board of FLTRP Group and President of FLTRP; Ms. Ye Miao, Vice Mayor of Ningbo; and Mr. Andras Kocsis, President of Kocsis Publishing House of Hungary and winner of the Special Book Award of China in 2019, formally spoke at the ceremony. They recognized the achievements in publishing cooperation between China and CEECs over the years, and expressed optimism about the role of publishing in promoting cultural exchanges and friendship.


National coordinators, ambassadors and diplomats from CEECs, as well as representatives of Chinese participants, jointly cut the ribbon to unveil the exhibition.


A ceremony was held to welcome Ningbo Publishing House and Tomorrow Publishing House into the China-CEEC Publishing Association.

Some CEECs also donated books to Ningbo Library. The books reflect the respective countries’ developments and distinctive features, which are significant sources of inspiration for further promoting mutual understanding.




During the Panel Discussion, Mr. Zhao Gang, Vice President of Beijing Foreign Studies University; Mr. Andras Kocsis; Ms. Antonia Tsankova, Associate Professor of Sofia University; and Mr. Wei Dong, Chief Editor of Guangxi Normal University Press Shanghai Branch, delivered speeches on the theme “Translation as a Bridge, Publishing as a Medium, Promoting Cultural Exchange of Cooperation”.


The China-CEEC Publishing Association was jointly inaugurated by 22 publishing entities from China and some CEECs in 2018, with Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) serving as the secretariat. The Association actively promotes copyright trade, with membership increasing to 65, including over 150 individual publishing entities from China and 12 CEECs, with more than 300 copyright agreements reached between the members.