The Love Story of a Young Monk(Romanian)



Author:Wang Zengqi


Publisher:Integral Publishers

Product Description

Chinese Story Readers is designed for fans of Chinese culture and literature. It presents classical Chinese stories and novels of famous modern Chinese writers in both Chinese and foreign language. Published books of this series include The Magic of the White Snake(Chinese-English), The Love Story of a Young Monk(Chinese-English), Strings of Life(Chinese-English), Ah, Xiangxue(Chinese-English) and Ground Covered with Chicken Feathers(Chinese-English).Delicately designed and bound, it helps readers understand Chinese culture and literature as well as Chinese people’s spiritual world through wonderful stories coupled with beautiful illustrations

About the Author
Wang Zengqi(1920-1997), born in Gaoyou, Jiangsu province, is a famous modern writer in China. His famous works include the Encounter, the Night at Sheep Cot, Cavalry Biography, The Love Story of a Young Monk, An Event Happening in Danao, etc. More than 70 collections of essays and novels have been published home and abroad. Wang Zengqi Collected Works(5 volumes) and Wang Zengqi Complete Works(8 volumes) came out in 1993 and 1998 respectively.