A Paradise Lost—The Imperial Garden Yuanming Yuan (English)



Author:Young-tsu Wong


Publisher:Springer Group

Publication date:2016

Product Description

This book is the first comprehensive study of the palatial garden complex in a Western language, amply illustrated with photographs and original drawings. Written in an engaging style, Young-tsu Wong brings "the garden of perfect brightness" to life as he leads readers on a grand tour of its architecture and history. This work would be favorable to foreign readers and researchers interested in Chinese garden architecture, the rise and fall of Yuanming Yuan and the history of the Qing Dynasty.

About the Author
Young-tsu Wong is a famous scholar on Chinese modern history, served as a Professor at Virginia State University, a Visiting Researcher at Australian National University, and a Chair Professor at Fudan University, Taiwan University, Taiwan Chengchi University, Taiwan Normal University and Taiwan Chung Cheng University.