Insights into Chinese Culture(Albanian)



Author:Ye Lang,Zhu Liangzhi


Publisher:OMBRA GVG

Publication date:2018

Product Description

Insights into Chinese Culture is written for Chinese and foreign readers who are interested in Chinese culture. It has been published in Chinese, English, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, French, German and Spanish. In 38 chapters, the book uses model examples and plentiful illustrations to expound on China's wisdom and religion, creativity and communication, art and esthetics, and its folk custom and habits. It focuses on the cultural spirit and core values. As a book that introduces China to the world, it fully demonstrates the charm of Chinese culture with attractive descriptions and hundreds of beautiful illustrations. Readers can explore minds, characters, life attitudes and esthetic taste of Chinese people as well as the universal values contained in Chinese culture.

About the Author
Ye Lang, once dean of the Philosophy Department, Religious Studies Department and  Fine  Arts Department of Peking University, is a professor of Philosophy School in Peking University, dean of the Fine Arts School, president of Cultural Industry Research Institute, director of Fine  Arts Studies and Education Research Center of Peking University and president of the Beijing  Philosophy Society. His well-known works include Having a Well-thought-out Stratagem, Cannot Stop, Outline of Chinese Fine Arts History, Esthetics in Chinese Novels, Modern Fine Arts (Chief Editor), Chinese Culture Introduction (Chief Editor) and Chinese Fine Arts Collection (General Chief Editor).Zhu Liangzhi is a professor of the Philosophy School and deputy director of the Fine Arts Studies and Education Research Center in Peking University. His works include Ten Lectures on Chinese Art Theory, the World of Chinese Traditional Drawing, Research on Shi Tao, Research on Badashanren, 15 Lectures on Chinese Esthetics, Living.