An Historical Geography of Peiping (English)



Author:Hou Renzhi


Publisher:Springer Group

Publication date:2014

Product Description

This book is a doctoral dissertation of Hou Renzhi when he studied in Liverpool University, England in 1949. The author creatively applied modern history and geography to the detailed research and incisive explanation of the rise and development of Beijing. This is also the first monograph about the history and geography of a city, a landmark of both Hou's personal academic achievements and the development of Chinese history and geography. It also plays an important role in today's urban protection and project. It is the first monograph to explore the origin and development of a city with the method of historical geography in China, and a meticulous study of Beijing's geography based on historical documents and field work, with 54 full-color original maps drawn by the author.

About the Author
Hou Renzhi (1911-2013) was an important intellectual who contributed a lot to the birth of modern historical geography in China in the first half of the 20th century and shaped the trend of its development in the following decades. Though trained as a historian in his early years, Hou devoted most of his time to geographical research and produced many works on urban geography, desert geography, etc. which made him elected academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1980. His geographical research on Beijing marked the peak of his academic achievements.