Scarface the Mother Jackal (Polish)



Author:Shen Shixi


Publisher:Time Marszalek Group

Publication date:2019

Product Description

This book is a collection of works by Shen Shixi, the king of Chinese animal fiction, and Albert Parson Terhune , a famous American writer. It is beautifully illustrated in black and white. The golden jackal is the natural enemy of the red-haired snow rabbit. They all live on the grassland. The golden jackal was driven out of the grassland because of the hunting of the shepherd's hound. Red-haired snow rabbits without natural enemies flooded the grasslands bare. No way, the herdsman had to invite the golden jackal back. Collie Lad not only saved the sick little girl from the mouth of a venomous snake, but also helped her create a miracle of life.

About the Author
Shen Shixi, the celebrated writer of children’s literature, is good at writing animal novels. He is known as "the king of Chinese animal fiction writing". Three times winner of National Prize of Excellent Children's Literature of Chinese Writers' Association. Many times winner of China Book Award. His major work include The Dream of Wolf King and The Seventh Hunting Dog,etc. Scar the Jackal Queen won the 13th China Book Award.