Confucius' Wisdom:Learn to Be a World Class Leader (Hungarian)



Author:Casper Shih


Publisher:Kossuth Publishing Corporation

Publication date:2019

Product Description

Confucius'Wisdom: Learn to Be a World Class Leader introduces the way Confucius regards leadership by interpreting The Analects of Confucius through a modern lens, applying classic ideas to contemporary situations. It expounds how to use Confucius' leadership wisdom in modern enterprises, covering three aspects including what attitude a businessman should have towards his or her job, leadership qualifies and how to run a company. In this book, readers and managers can learn skills to identify core issues, develop talents, organize and manage, while employees can learn how to deal with work assignments in a professional way, build interpersonal network and communicate with their boss and colleagues.

About the Author
Casper Shih, doctor of Technical Science in Tokyo University, is the president of the Global Chinese Competitiveness Fund. More than 4000 medium-and-small-sized enterprises in Taiwan achieved successful transformation under his guidance. Key projects in his charge include the Production Automation Plan, Improving Productivity in an All-round Way Movement, Improving Products Quality Project, Plan for Technology Introduction of Medium- and-Small-sized Enterprises, and more. As one of the key figures who helped Taiwan become one of the Four Asian Tigers, he is honored as the founding father of automation in Taiwan.