HSK Vocabulary Handbook Level 6(the second edition) (Russian)




Publisher:“Shans” International Publishing Company LLC

Publication date:2018

Product Description
The HSK Vocabulary Handbook Series can help readers prepare for HSK exams or study Chinese on their own. It covers all the vocabulary of the newly-released HSK Test Syllabus developed in 2015 and the vocabulary is organized in different levels and arranged in alphabetical order. Notes to each word include pinyin, parts of speech, English translations, collocations and example sentences. For some of the vocabulary, expansion words, synonyms or antonyms are also listed in the notes, so that readers can understand the meanings clearly and memorize the words effectively. Collocations and example sentences are compiled according to the past HSK tests, so that the readers can be familiar with the exam and improve their vocabulary proficiency at the same time. Moreover, this book provides useful daily expressions for readers to expand their vocabulary and improve their Chinese proficiency. In addition, the HSK Vocabulary Handbook Series are pocket-sized so that readers can carry them around and use them anytime.
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