Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture Series (English Edition)


Product Description

Each volume of this series is centered on one concept only or a couple of closely related concepts. The

authors examine in detail its historical context, semantic context, origin and evolution and academic

influence, based on the research findings in ancient Chinese literature. They unfold their elaboration around

important figures in the development of Chinese thought and culture, as well as their works, theories and

academic viewpoints. Integrating professional studies with popular interest, it emphasizes the integration of

corroboration and exposition on the Oriental and Occidental scholarship. It is believed that the publication

of this series will make it possible for overseas readers to have a more systematic understanding of the

philosophy, humanistic values, academic perspectives and theoretical viewpoints underlying the key

concepts of Chinese thought and culture and a clearer understanding of the way of thinking, values and

cultural characteristics of the intellectual world of the Chinese nation and overseas Chinese.

About the Author
Zhao Tingyang,Research Fellow of Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Great Wall Scholar,China.Yuan Jixi, professor at the School of Chinese Classics, Renmin University of China, member of the AcademicCommittee of the Confucian Studies Institute, Visiting Professor of the Aesthetics and Aesthetic Education StudyCenter, Peking University, Distinguished Professor at Southwest University.Fang Weigui, Distinguished Professor at the School of Chinese Language and Literature, Beijing Normal University,Changjiang Scholar of Ministry of Education of China.Wang Keping, Research Fellow of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Head of Aesthetics Section of CASSInstitute of Philosophy, Philosophy Professor of CASS Graduate School and professor of Beijing International StudiesUniversity.Li Chunqing, Director and a full-time Researcher of the Academic Committee of the Centre for Literary TheoryStudies at Beijing Normal University (BNU).Zhang Jing, a senior professor at the Communication University of China, Dean of its School of Humanities, leadingscholar of the discipline of literature and art and doctoral tutor.