Into China

As one of the earliest publishing houses to carry out international cooperation, FLTRP has been engaged in licensing business with foreign publishers since the early 1980s. Over the past 40 years, FLTRP has brought in a series of popular products through licensing from abroad, such as New Concept English, New Standard English, Bookworm, Big Cat, etc. At present, over 5,000 titles published by FLTRP are based on international cooperation, thanks to FLTRP’s solid and productive relationship with more than 700 overseas publishers and 300 international authors.


In 1983, FLTRP signed its first licensing agreements with Oxford University Press for Practical English Usage and Oxford Elementary Learner's Dictionary of English.



In 1997, FLTRP and Longman signed an agreement to jointly publish the new version of New Concept English , which has become the most renowned series of English books in China for over 20 years.



In 2006, The New Standard English textbooks published by FLTRP and Macmillan have become a series of English learning textbooks covering kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools and universities.



In 2016, FLTRP and Collins Learning jointly held the New Century English-Chinese Dictionary launch ceremony. This dictionary, which took over eight years to build, is the largest English-Chinese Dictionary in the world.



In August 2019, FLTRP and Cambridge University Press celebrated the 25th anniversary of their partnership.


FLTRP presented the outstanding cooperation awards to CUP, OUP, Macmillan and Pearson on its 40th Anniversary Award Ceremony for International partners.


FLTRP launched the coded edition of New Concept English licensed from Pearson Education.