Overseas Development

FLTRP has set up 12 overseas organizations, including 8 China-themed editorial departments, 3 overseas publishing centers, and the Confucius Institute at Oxford Brookes University with a special feature in publishing. These organizations are committed to providing services to local markets in publishing and language education.


                                                         01 Confucius Institute at Oxford Brookes University

                                                         02 FLTRP Editorial Department in Bulgaria

                                                         03 FLTRP Editorial Department in France

                                                         04 FLTRP Editorial Department in Poland

                                                         05 FLTRP Editorial Department in Hungary

                                                         06 FLTRP Editorial Department in Nepal

                                                         07 FLTRP Publishing Center in Mexico

                                                         08 FLTRP Publishing Center in Malaysia

                                                         09 FLTRP Publishing Center in Belarus

                                                         10 FLTRP Editorial Department in India

                                                         11 FLTRP Editorial Department in Canada

                                                         12 FLTRP Editorial Department in Romania

Translation and Publication Programs

FLTRP is the Chinese publisher that has undertaken the most governmental translation and publication programs, which have greatly promoted publishing and cultural exchanges between China and these countries.


Confucius Institute at Oxford Brookes University

In September 2015, FLTRP and Oxford Brookes University jointly launched the world’s first Confucius Institute with a special focus on publishing.


China-CEEC Publishing Association

In August 2018, China-CEEC Publishing Association, a platform to strengthen the communication and cooperation between the publishing houses from China and Central and Eastern European countries was launched in Beijing, with FLTRP as the secretariat. By the end of December 2020, 48 members have joined in the association.


China-themed Editorial Department

In 2018, the first book of FLTRP China-themed Editorial Department in France, The Dream of Red Mansion (illustrated French version), was officially released and widely welcomed by local teachers and students.