Symposium on Chinese Historical Geography (English)

Hou Renzhi

Symposium on Chinese Historical Geography, written by Hou Renzhi, contains his representative works on urban historical geography, desert historical geography and researches on history of ancient Chinese geography. It also includes several articles a...

Degrees of Affinity—Studies in Comparative Literature (English)

Wang Zuoliang

This book explores the affinity between literature and people, with special attention given to that between Chinese literature and western literature in the 20th century, and underscores the role played by translation therein as well. Professor Wang ...

English Writings of Hu Shih: Literature and Society (Volume 1) (English)

Hu Shi

This book, edited by Chih-Ping Chou, professor of history at Princeton University, is a collection of English essays, speeches, academic papers as well as book reviews by Hu Shih from 1912 to 1962, most published on the most influential English journ...

Beyond Market and Government—Influence of Moral Factors on Economy(English)

Li Yining

This book is a pioneer work which proves the role of morality in economy. Breaking through the old concepts by introducing "morality" into economics, the author defines it as the third regulation power surpassing market and government.

Chinese Economy in Disequilibrium (English)

Li Yining

This book explores the key issues of the Chinese economy during its transition to a market and industrialized economy, and provides solid theoretical foundations and insightful policy guidelines to resolve these issues. Through examining the interrel...

Strings of Life (Romanian)

Shi Tiesheng

Chinese Story Readers is designed for fans of Chinese culture and literature. It presents classical Chinese stories and novels of famous modern Chinese writers in both Chinese and foreign language. Published books of this series include The Magic of ...